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Dry Frio
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Frio Cielo Ranch
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Webcams of the local area, Concan and Leakey

We are always curious about how the river looks... Is it flooding? Is it low? High? While we don't have a webcam here at the Ranch yet, here are a few that we found in the local area. Don't be alarmed if at night, you can't see anything. The Leakey webcam has lights, but the river cams only work during the day! You can also tell if it's raining. Have fun!
Concan / Neal's  River Crossing
River Rd at Frio Country
Downtown Leakey, Tx.
Are we in the
Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone?
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Our subcriber list has surpassed all expectations! If you have a friend or relative that would be interested in updates to our web site, newsletter or even our Facebook fan page, please contact us

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The Owners List

The  Owners List was finally taken down, and removed from the official, publicly accessible website that the FCRA monitors. However, it has not been updated since 2011. We were able to obtain a copy in August 2013 and there were many discrepancies. Hopefully we will be able to obtain a complete list very soon. It is important for the owners to contact the Ranch and let them know your correct address. Please include your email address and telephone number.

+ + + + + UPDATE 2014 + + + + +

We did obtain an owners list in January 2014. We will make it available to any owner who is needing one.


This site is built and maintained by a group of owners that desires to give Frio Cielo Ranch owners insight into the happenings on the Frio Cielo Ranch from the owners perspective. If you are a new owner, questions may get answered. We will try to get a laugh out of you. We will be gathering maps, information on landmarks, and tourist information about the area around Uvalde and Real County and the texas Hill Country. If we can clear up any "cloudy" issues and entertain you, we will consider the venture a success! Hopefully, we will be able to get a feel for what you want as an owner at the FCRA, and come up with regular articles that deal with happenings at the Frio Cielo Ranch. We invite participation from each and every one of you. We want to remain fun and entertaining.

Please send your suggestions, pictures and announcements to:


The 4th of July is on a Saturday this year! The 37th FCRA General Members Meeting will be that morning and the Picnic and Games will be later that afternoon and evening. We will post all the relevant info on our Facebook Page as it becomes available from The Board of Directors. At the last BOD meeting, no info on a proposed Budget or any information about which Board member positions are coming up this year. Our By laws have some time constraints and we are sure the BOD is aware of them and will be contacting the owners within the time limit.

Also, the BOD will be announcing they have decided to change the method used to register your legal proxy. More information about that coming soon.

Blanca Bustamante has volunteered to organize the Games this year. Contact her at the Ranch or Facebook if you need to talk to her.


The BOD announced they could only purchase two (2) briskets because of price increases and budget constraints made last year. Eleven (11) were cooked last year. Three or four owners at the May 2 meeting volunteered to donate a brisket. More details will be available in the official Newsletter of the Ranch. Our notes from the May meeting indicate the Board will also purchase wienies and hamburger to make up for the deficit in briskets.
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May 2, 2015
Board of Directors Meeting
Use the MP3 player above.
The entire audio of the meeting has been included, but we also divided up some of the topics for your listening pleasure. They are listed by topic.

1.Treasurer Report
2.New Camping Procedures
3.Outstanding projects / Records Storage Building
4.Increase Water install Fee
6.Food Purchase / Picnic
7.Cleanup / Picnic
8.Entire Board Meeting May 2 2015

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